International transportation from the company Trans-Lil is a long-term experience and a guarantee of delivery of cargoes from the necessary place at the right time.

Transport-expedition company "Trans-Lil" offers services in customs clearance of cargoes, and our specialists will promptly solve all issues arising in the process of transportation.

One of the most important principles of the company's "Trans-Lil" is an individual approach to each client. We are engaged in customs clearance of import and export in the area of ​​activity of the Kyiv city and regional customs. The service is provided on a "door-to-door" basis, that is, we take full responsibility for the customs clearance of goods and delivery for your company.

The assistance of customs brokers who possess the necessary legal knowledge and experience of customs document circulation, the knowledge of our specialists of the peculiarities of each of the customs posts minimizes the time required for the clearance of goods and helps to avoid additional costs and allows to ensure the effectiveness of procedures regulated by law.

Customs clearance of import-export of goods is a set of sequential actions that must be taken when moving cargo across the customs border.

The customs code of our country, like all legislation in general, continues to improve. The requirements for customs clearance change quite often, and these changes make their own adjustments to the customs procedure. Representatives of companies trying to independently handle the export / import clearance are far from real customs practice and can not always quickly adjust their capabilities to the changed legislation. Owners of goods can carry out customs clearance either independently, or with the help of a customs broker - an organization that represents the interests of the cargo owner in the customs authorities and performs operations for its clearance.

Customs clearance is a complex and time-consuming process that requires professional knowledge of the current customs legislation, competent filling of documents, as well as trust from representatives of regulatory and regulatory bodies.

The main criterion of our work is work in the interests of the Customer and satisfaction of his needs in efficient, fast and high-quality customs clearance of foreign trade goods. We hope that we will meet your expectations, we will be able to optimize the schemes for customs clearance of your goods, we will make and realize with you a preliminary economic calculation of the effectiveness of the foreign economic operation, assess the risks and consult on the specifics of concluding the Contract with your counterparties.

We are confident that our future cooperation will significantly reduce your financial costs while conducting foreign trade activities. We will be glad to be involved in increasing the profit of your enterprise, and are ready to offer you services for the customs clearance of your goods.


The company "Trans-Lille" values ​​its high reputation and leading positions in the international cargo transportation market, we are valued for fulfilling its obligations to deliver goods, and a financial guarantee.

International cargo transportation from the company "Trans-Lil" is a long-term experience, and the guarantee of delivery of cargoes from the necessary place at the right time.

In the company "Trans-Lil" they do not promise what they can not fulfill. We do not offer the impossible, it's just for us that it's impossible for others! Fast delivery and affordable tariffs for cargo transportation of goods and customs service by our company is really being implemented, and we are doing this now.

To calculate the cost of cargo transportation and customs services, use the special service on our website Online application, Calculation of the cost of delivery - or for office use. + 38 067 616 50 76., +38 067 446 92 60, +38 044 566 82 97 (566 7985).