International transportation from the company Trans-Lil is a long-term experience and a guarantee of delivery of cargoes from the necessary place at the right time.

The company "Trans-Lil" offers the transportation of dangerous goods of any class.

We have many years of experience, the necessary equipped modern transport and qualified personnel allow us to successfully carry out the transport of dangerous goods and provide our customers with a comprehensive trip that includes:

- preparation of accompanying documentation for ADR substances of any class,

- for the transport of dangerous goods of any class, we use only equipped transport ADR and tanks with control systems that allow you to observe precautions when working with hazardous substances,

- Certified technical specialists monitor the correct combination of cargoes of different classes and subclasses, as well as the correct location of hazardous substances inside the transport, which minimizes the risk to the maximum.

- trained and trained drivers with experience in transporting ADR-cargoes of various classes (with the exception of radioactive substances), give us the right to guarantee the quality of transportation.


Logistics from the company "Trans-Lil" for the transport of dangerous goods. Like any other types of transportation services, the transportation of dangerous goods includes the painstaking work of our logistics managers, they will develop a route that will minimize travel time and will allow the delivery of dangerous goods within a specified time, organize complex transportations including a combination several modes of transport or dangerous substances of different classes in one vehicle.

The transport and forwarding company Trans-Lil has extensive transportation experience, we can also offer transportation of a small amount of ADR cargoes, combining them with substances of the appropriate class, and at the same time not inflating the prices for their services. Our company adheres to all available security measures not only to minimize the risk in transportation, but also to exclude the impact of hazardous substances on the environment.

When transporting dangerous goods of various classes, Trans-Lil's logisticians are guided not only by internal, but also by international normative documents. In particular, the European Agreement on the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods, which describes all the requirements for transporting substances of known classes. Only such an approach and maximum responsibility allow us to enjoy the trust and for many years to remain a reliable company in the market of transporting ADR-cargoes. We have been successfully working in the field of dangerous goods transportation for more than one year, and transport enterprises both in Europe and in Ukraine cooperate with us, which confirms our reputation as a reliable partner for the high quality of performance and organization of the transportation of dangerous goods of any class.

The company "Trans-Lille" values ​​its high reputation and leading positions in the international cargo transportation market, we are valued for fulfilling its obligations to deliver goods, and a financial guarantee.

International cargo transportation from the company "Trans-Lil" is a long-term experience, and the guarantee of delivery of cargoes from the necessary place at the right time.

In the company "Trans-Lil" they do not promise what they can not fulfill. We do not offer the impossible, it's just for us that it's impossible for others! Fast delivery and affordable tariffs for cargo transportation of goods and customs service by our company is really being implemented, and we are doing this now.

To calculate the cost of cargo transportation and customs services, use the special service on our website Online application, Calculation of the cost of delivery - or for office use. + 38 067 616 50 76., +38 067 446 92 60, +38 044 566 82 97 (566 7985).