International transportation from the company Trans-Lil is a long-term experience and a guarantee of delivery of cargoes from the necessary place at the right time.

We strive to make the states of Europe closer to you, our country is an integral part of the European market. International transport for entrepreneurs of Ukraine of any scale is a justified economic necessity. Choosing for you ways of delivery of goods, we are guided by the option that will be optimal in terms of cost, speed, reliability and convenience for our customer. When developing the route direction, the opportunities of various cargo transportation are widely used for deliveries of complete and modular cargoes.

Thanks to our extensive agent network of partners and reliable connections with consolidation-expedition warehouses throughout Europe, we are always ready to offer you an individual solution for the delivery of your cargo from Europe. The company "Trans-Lil" constantly interact with carriers from Ukraine, Italy, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Baltic countries, including customs carriers of these countries, which ensure the delivery of your cargo. We will help you overcome any barriers facing international cargo transportation from Europe.

We carry out delivery of complete and modular cargoes "from door to door":

  • to / from the European Union (the main destinations of the EU transport country are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, France, Czech Republic.)
  • Great Britain (England)
  • Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia)
  • Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland)
  • Turkey, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia.
  • on the territory of Ukraine;

In the company "Trans-Lil" they do not promise what they can not fulfill. We do not offer the impossible, it's just for us that it's impossible for others! Rapid delivery and affordable tariffs for the transport of goods from / to Europe to Ukraine by our company is actually being implemented, and we are doing it now.

The cost of delivery is calculated individually for each customer, we do not have a universal price list with uniform tariffs for all possible types of transportation and geography of destinations. We calculate the price after we receive from you all the data necessary for transportation for the cargo and its dimensions, route and other important characteristics for pricing. Calculation of the cost of delivery of your cargo will be provided by our specialist after receiving from you an application for the delivery of goods (Online-application). The tariff will be fixed and unchanged at the whole stage of the door-to-door delivery.

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