International transportation from the company Trans-Lil is a long-term experience and a guarantee of delivery of cargoes from the necessary place at the right time.

The company "Trans-Lil" performs the organization of international transportation of goods in compliance with the special temperature regime of storage and delivery. Refrigerated cargo transportation from our company is a long-term experience and a guarantee of delivery of your cargoes.

The refrigerator is a special device that is equipped with a refrigeration unit, for transportation of a certain group of goods, which requires a special temperature mode of transportation and storage.

The company "Trans-Lil" carries out this kind of transportation with a refrigeration vehicle, and delivers goods requiring special temperature storage conditions to / from European countries, as well as CIS, Kazakhstan, and Russia with the provision of a whole range of logistics complex transportation services.

Refrigerated transport from the company "Trans-Lil" is: - Full and responsible organization of delivery of goods, both on the territory of Ukraine, and the European Union and the CIS countries; - It is possible to transport cargo from the warehouse to the airport; - We arrange delivery from door to door, which in some cases is simply necessary; - We provide insurance for the cargo.

The company "Trans-Lil" performs a full range of services for forwarding and importing refrigeration cargoes across all European countries, as well as exporting refrigeration cargoes from Ukraine, we provide full control of the transported cargo with a temperature regime of delivery and storage. For your confidence and tranquility, complete control of compliance with the required temperature in the range from -18 to + 1 degrees Celsius is carried out.

Our company, during transportation, carefully observes all standards for the delivery of goods requiring special compliance with the temperature regime of storage during transportation, as well as state and international requirements for refrigerated transport, than providing customers with a full guarantee and peace of mind for the cargo we are entrusted with for transportation.

Transport-expedition company "Trans-Lil" carries out transportation of such cargoes as: -Measo and meat products of various degrees of frost; -Various products; -Milk products; -Chocolate and confectionery; - Seafood and frozen fish; -Fruits and vegetables; -Different mushrooms; -Plants and any flowers; -Cosmetics and various chemical products, including "dangerous goods ADR".

Our entire truck fleet, and the forwarded refrigeration park of our partner carriers from both Ukraine and Europe, which we use and carry refrigerated cargo, has a full set of necessary for this admission and modern refrigeration equipment of semi-trailers and the history of operating modes of refrigeration plants in the period transportation. The driver-forwarder has a special sanitary book, and a car and a semi-trailer have a sanitary passport.

The company "Trans-Lille" values ​​its high reputation and leading positions in the international cargo transportation market, we are valued for fulfilling its obligations to deliver goods, and a financial guarantee.

International cargo transportation from the company "Trans-Lil" is a long-term experience, and the guarantee of delivery of cargoes from the necessary place at the right time.

In the company "Trans-Lil" they do not promise what they can not fulfill. We do not offer the impossible, it's just for us that it's impossible for others! Fast delivery and affordable tariffs for cargo transportation of goods and customs service by our company is really being implemented, and we are doing this now.

To calculate the cost of cargo transportation and customs services, use the special service on our website Online application, Calculation of the cost of delivery - or for office use. + 38 067 616 50 76., +38 067 446 92 60, +38 044 566 82 97 (566 7985).