International transportation from the company Trans-Lil is a long-term experience and a guarantee of delivery of cargoes from the necessary place at the right time.

Transport-forwarding enterprise "Trans-Lil" is a family company which very much values its reputation in this market since 1998. We carry out complex transport solutions oriented to the needs of our customers, providing a full range of logistics and transportation services to and from Ukraine from Europe, Kazakhstan, China and Russia. We also have considerable experience in shipping by sea and air transport.

Having many years of experience as a participant in the logistics market, we provide a full range of services for the transport of goods by road, both inside and outside Ukraine, with the registration of all necessary formalities, including customs, if necessary for the client. Transportation services can be provided, both by own and hired transport.

One of the most important components in the international transport of goods is the transport and forwarding services provided by the company "Trans-Lil." The transportation process is carefully planned taking into account all its nuances, this allows to minimize all possible risks in the organization and provision of road transport of export, import, transit or other cargo. We offer the most optimal route and traffic schedule, as well as rational selection of the vehicle. Our services are economically beneficial for many enterprises that do not have their own vehicle fleet or service that can provide an expedition of the cargo to be delivered at a decent level.

With the clients who decided to use the services of our company, an agreement is concluded in which terms and other important points are clearly negotiated. We will be glad to receive from you a delivery error of "price request" for any directions of cargo transportation that are of interest to you.

Transportation of goods from the company "Trans-Lil" is a long-term experience, and the guarantee of delivery of cargoes from the necessary place at the right time, and you could count on us as your partner's main.

In the company "Trans-Lil" they do not promise what they can not fulfill. We do not offer the impossible, it's just for us that it's impossible for others! Fast delivery and affordable tariffs for cargo transportation by our company is really carried out, and we are doing it now.